Anne Barker


Group Leader and Project Engineer, Cold Regions Technology Group
Canadian Hydraulics Centre, National Research Council of Canada (NRC-CHC)

Ms. Barker has been involved in numerical simulations, field work, physical modelling and paper studies of ice cover behaviour and ice-structure interaction during her 13 years with NRC-CHC. 

Presently Group Leader for the Cold Regions Technology group at NRC-CHC, her current projects include working with high-resolution numerical models to simulate ice-structure interaction scenarios, investigating pack ice driving forces and managing a field work project studying the overwintering of barges in ice.  She has previously managed a number of physical model studies that investigated subjects such as ice scour behaviour, ice friction and ice floes interacting with offshore wind turbine foundations as well as field work projects examining ice rubble behaviour and its implications for offshore structures in the Beaufort Sea. 

She was a member of the ISO 19906 Arctic Offshore Structures technical panel for man-made islands and was involved with the Canadian Standards Association Arctic Offshore Structures committee reviewing the document.

Presentation Abstract
'Seasonal Considerations for Evacuation from Arctic Platforms'
The Arctic presents unique challenges for evacuation and rescue from an offshore platform located in ice-covered waters.  With multiple ice regimes possible throughout a year, a single evacuation system is not sufficient to provide the same level of safety year-round.  EER plans need to take the variety of ice conditions into account in order to create viable strategies to address this requirement, as found in the ISO 19906 Arctic Offshore Structures standard. 

This presentation will examine limitations imposed upon evacuation and rescue techniques by a number of ice regimes.  Considerations that should be addressed by EER designers and applicability to associated industries such as shipping are discussed.

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