Henrik Falck


Project Manager - Eastern Europe, Tschudi Shipping Company AS

Henrik Falck has worked with Russian shipping and logistics for 18 years:

• Co-founder of the first private ship broking firm in Russia in 1991
• Part owner and operator of a fleet of 18 vessels sailing on the Russian rivers later in the 90-ies
• The first to arrange transportation of liquid chemicals in bulk on the Russian rivers in 2002
• He was heading Wilh. Wilhelmsen’s port operation in Russia and the Baltics for 5 years
• Currently in charge of Tschudi project department in Russia and CIS 

Presentation Abstract
"Logistics Challenges and Opportunities in the High North: the Implications of the Commercial Opening of the Northern Sea Route"

The Arctic region has a very large potential for oil, gas, mineral and forestry developments both onshore and offshore. The key to unlocking this potential is logistics i.e. the transportation chain facilitating the movement of equipment and materials for the development and construction of the projects and the efficient transportation to the markets of the end product. These are joint regional challenges demanding joint regional solutions involving cross border cooperation which utilizes existing infrastructure and develops new and often costly specialized infrastructure and means of transportation. The goal is to establish the best and most cost effective logistics solutions to the joint benefit of the parties involved as well as the nations of the region.

The High North, due to its location between continents, also opens up for transportation opportunities with regard to supplying both the north Atlantic and north Pacific based markets cost competitively via the Northern Sea Route thereby turning a transportation disadvantage into an advantage.

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