Malcolm G. Lowings


Principal, and Technical Leader, Arctic & Offshore Oil & Gas Services, Golder Associates Ltd

Mr Lowings is an experienced Project Manager and Project Director with Golder Associates in Calgary (Canada). He is an oceanographer by training, and is our senior ice regime, ocean science and Arctic operations specialist. He has spent time at sea, on many types of vessels, during various projects in the Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea, Greenland Sea, Labrador Sea, Baffin Bay, eastern and central Northwest Passage, waters adjacent to the southern Parry Islands and eastern Sverdrup Islands, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, and Bering Sea, as well as North Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of St Lawrence, and northern Canada inland waters.

He has also carried out field programs or site visits on Melville Island, Cornwallis Island, Ellesmere Island, Baffin Island, in the central Arctic Ocean, and along different sections of the western Arctic coast. During the first part of his career, Mr Lowings worked on the EIS for hydrocarbon development in the Beaufort Sea and Mackenzie Delta Region, performed an on-ice fall/winter monitoring program in the Beaufort Sea for Gulf Canada Resources, investigated ice edge break-up processes in Lancaster Sound and Barrow Strait for Dome Petroleum, and was field manager and team leader during a mid-winter oceanography program for PetroCanada during the Arctic Pilot Project.

He has provided ice/ocean and maritime support to the Canadian Coast Guard during revisions to the Arctic Shipping Pollution Prevention Regulations, and played a key role during development and shipboard validation of the ice regime system that makes control of shipping more flexible in northern Canadian waters. Mr Lowings was also lead author of “Polar 8: Marine Access to Northern Sites”, TP 10128, containing marine access descriptions (text-based and chart-based), all prepared in the style of a Guide to Port Entry, on 21 sites in northern Canada, one site in northwest Greenland and one site in northeast Greenland.

More recently, Mr Lowings was Information Management (IM) Lead for all of the environmental, biophysical and socio-economic work performed by the Mackenzie Project Environment Group (MPEG) during the Mackenzie Gas Project (MGP). He also planned and led a number of MGP field programs in the Mackenzie Delta and coastal Beaufort Sea. Before this assignment, which ended in 2008, he had similar duties during the Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team (AGPPT) project on the A to B Valley, A to B Highway, and B to C Market routes in Canada.

Mr Lowings has provided ice/ocean, mapping/charting, and permitting/approvals expertise, as well as strategic advice, during recent projects on: feasibility of exploration/production in a northern part of the Canadian Arctic (including western entrance to Northwest Passage) for an international oil company in the United States; constraints and operational context for exploration/production activity in the Beaufort Sea, Arctic Archipelago and offshore Labrador/Newfoundland region for an international oil company in Europe; and constraints, lease/tenure, country risk, and environmental (ice/ocean) setting for exploration/production activity in the Chukchi Sea, Beaufort Sea, Baffin Bay and Davis Strait, Arctic Archipelago, Lincoln Sea, Greenland Sea, Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea, Kara Sea, Sea of Okhotsk, and the offshore Labrador/Newfoundland region for one of the largest shipping companies in Europe.

Most recently, Mr Lowings was Technical Manager of a large multi-disciplinary field program for BP that took place on CCGS Amundsen from mid-August to late September 2010 in the Canadian Beaufort Sea. He was Team Leader onboard, with responsibility for a contaminant sampling program, a met-ocean (moorings) program, a marine wildlife observation program, and a geotechnical/geochemical sampling program, plus safety management for Golder and subcontractor staff. Many aspects of this work were repeated for BP, Imperial Oil and ArcticNet during summer/fall 2011. Mr Lowings was Technical Manager of these programs, and is acting as Co-Director of an ArcticNet-Golder moorings program in the Beaufort Sea that began this summer/fall on the Amundsen, which continues for three years during a Beaufort Regional Environmental Assessment (BREA) project.

He is currently Project Director for two Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) projects in west Greenland waters, and has been providing technical (physical/ chemical oceanography and ice climatology) expertise during an EIA off east Greenland. Mr Lowings is also Technical Manager (Canada) and Senior Marine Advisor during Phase 1, 2 and 3 of a water and air quality monitoring project in the northern Caspian Sea that is underway for a confidential client in Kazakhstan.

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