Steinar Nesse


Business Development Leader for Environmental Risk Management Services DNV

MSc in Marine resources development and protection from Heriot-Watt University, 1991. Worked with the Norwegian Pollution Control Authorities and later as an environmental consultant to offshore oil and gas operators and authorities, for the last 20 years.

Steinar has been involved in several EIAs for offshore oil and gas developments and field decommissioning as well as coordinated regional and strategic impact assessments. Is currently a contracted environmental advisor to the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in coordinating EIAs for opening of areas off Jan Mayen and the South-Eastern part of the Norwegian part of the Barents Sea for petroleum activities respectively.

In the period 2007-2011 he has been coordinating the environmental group of the Barents 2020 HSE harmonization initiative.

Presentation Abstract
“Barents 2020 – Russian‐Norwegian harmonization of Health, Safety and Environment standards for
offshore oil and gas activities in the Barents Sea”

In order to assess the standards needed for safeguarding people, environment and asset values in the Barents Sea, a Russian-Norwegian project was established in 2007, named Barents 2020. This project organized seven teams of more than 100 leading Russian, Norwegian and international experts working together to make common recommendations on selected safety critical issues. The objective of the Barents 2020 project has been to recommend standards for oil and gas activities in the Barents Sea which will ensure that the safety level is at least as good as in the North Sea.

In March 2010 the experts delivered a report which provides common, agreed recommendations for use of international industry standards, in Russian and Norwegian waters, in connection with oil and gas operations in the Barents Sea. In total 130 recognised industry standards have been assessed, and while half of them may be used in the Barents Sea as they are, amendments are recommended for the other half, in order to maintain an acceptable safety level.

In 2010 and 2011 the seven working groups continued working to complete and propose amendments to those standards that were considered not sufficiently developed for the Barents Sea.

The project has established a successful dialogue between Russian, Norwegian and international experts in order to harmonise the use of industry standards in the Barents Sea, and ensure:
• use of best international practice and standards on both sides of the national border,
• an acceptable, uniform safety level across the Barents Sea,
• predictable HSE frame conditions for operating companies, supplier industries and maritime transportation companies, regardless of nationality; and
• an improved basis for international cooperation in oil and gas field developments in the Barents Sea.

It is now recognised that the results of this project are useful in a pan-arctic perspective, and this has broadened the number of participating sponsors and experts.

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