Tor Olav Grotan


Senior Researcher, SINTEF Technology and Society

Tor Olav Grøtan is currently a Senior Researcher at SINTEF Technology and Society. He holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Cybernetics, and a Master of Management degree. He has been working within the military, healthcare, transportation and petroleum industry domains.
Areas of technical competence and experience comprise software development, computer communications, system reliability, ICT security and health informatics. Areas of organizational/managerial competence and experience comprise change-organization-technology issues as well as human and organizational factors in security and safety management.

Current research areas comprise the facilitation of organizational resilience and safety management approaches incorporating the combination of resilience and compliance.

Presentation Abstract
'Resist, Cope and Shape: some challenges of combining resilience and compliance for safety management in the oil and gas industry.'
Prevalent safety thinking - founded on compliance regimes in order to avoid error - is increasingly being complemented by the idea of resilience.  Although building on earlier concepts like High Reliability Organizations, the contemporary Resilience Engineering approach is preoccupied with new questions (“why does it work?“ instead of “why does it fail?”), and with exploring ways of reinforcing and developing resilient capabilities of humans, systems and organizations.  In the oil and gas industry, resilience is especially challenging due to operator-contractor hierarchies that demand a high degree of mutual sensitivity and responsiveness across organizational boundaries. Research on resilience takes different directions, ranging (e.g.) from conceptual frameworks  to methods for discovering resilient practices that usually escapes the “compliance radar” of traditional safety management. The presentation will emphasize challenges of combining resilience and compliance. 
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